Shrink Wrap & Tubing

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Product Description.

Shrink Wrap & Tubing
Product Details:
Type: Sheet or Tubing
Treatment: Heat Applied
Pattern: Clear or Coloured
Material: Plastic, Polymer & Polythene
We provide shrink wraps in form of Sheets or Tubing’s. Packages are wrapped perfectly using Shrink Wrap and heat is applied, making the film shrink, thus forming a sealed, tight-fitting package. The final product is also called shrink package. Polyolefin is the most common film in use as it’s available in a number of thicknesses, clarity, strengths, and shrink ratios. Commonly applied to compact water bottles. To apply heat, operators use hand-held heat guns (electric or gas) or they pass the product wrapped in the film through heat tunnels on conveyors.
Sold in Kilograms.

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